The competition theme will be: “Tribute to Lace: a three-dimensional stele”;

The theme will be about a Stele as a homage to lace, a tribute to this art. The Stele could be both a tribute to the lace, and a personal tale: the artist will be thus allowed to experiment with the threedimensionality of the work, interpreting different suggestions and words;

• Application is open to all lacemakers (except for the members of “Il merletto della città di Piero della Francesca” association in Sansepolcro);

• Competitors must fill out the form attached at the end of this page. Each section must be completed and clearly written. The participation form must be sent by registered mail to: Galleria Aggiunti, via Niccolò Aggiunti 1/A, 52037, Sansepolcro (AR), Italy; it can also be sent by e-mail to the following address: within the 30 of April 2022

• Participation fee is € 30,00 each work submitted, to be paid through bank tranfer to the following coordinates: IT69T0306971617120000000424 ;

• Entry is open to original and hand-crafted works only;

Deadline for work collection is 20th of May 2022; 

• Allowed lacing techniques are: merletto a fuselli (bobbin lace); merletto ad ago (needle lace), Aemilia Ars style; macramé,  puncetto, modano, filet, pizzo d’Irlanda (Irish crochet), pizzo di Orvieto (Orvieto lace);

• Works can have any shape. Maximum height: 1 meter, pedestal included;

• Each competitor can submit 1 work only; every kind of color and material (yarn, metal, fibre such as linen, jute, silk) is allowed, made exception for glass, crystal, plastic;

• The examination board will rely on the following criteria to evaluate the works: precision and performing skills, originality, coherence with the proposed theme;

• The final evaluation established by the examination board will be unquestionable;

• Both the award ceremony and the delivery of the certificate of attendance (granted to all participants to the competition) will take place on June 5th, 4:30 pm, at Palazzo Pretorio;

• The first prize will be a 24Kt Gold plated bobbin; the second prize will be a Silver 1000 plated bobbin; the third prize will be a Bronze bobbin;

• Works will be exhibited in Palazzo Pretorio during the whole three days of the event;

• At the end of the event, after the award ceremony, works will return to their legitimate owners. They will be sent back to the address indicated in the registration form in maximum 30 days;

• Organizers are not responsible for any eventual damage that the artistic works could suffer during the event;

• The non-observance of this regulation will lead to the exclusion from the competition;

 For questions, informations or clarifications, please contact +393290842045

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